Thoughts During Corona

Working Remote

I am grateful that my wife and I have remote work. I’ve been working remote for nine weeks and have enjoyed the time at home with my wife and dog. I save over an hour a day by not having to commute and it’s nice to walk Pirate during breaks instead of before work. Getting a standing desk early on in the quarantine has been a life saver. Having Slack and Google Hangouts have made working remote easy. And my company has been doing a wonderful job taking care of their employees. Many of my coworkers have kids at home which would be very challenging. I feel very fortunate and know there are so many people struggling right now.

In addition to my Operations work, I’ve been working with the engineering team. I deployed two PRs to production since March. Major accomplishment.

Early on a coworker shared an article from HBR called That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief. In the beginning when everything felt uncertain and turbulent, I found comfort in this article.

Corgi sniffing flower bed
Pirate stopping to smell the flowers

Staying Positive

My friend Kelsea ran a great Music for Meals – COVID-19 Support fundraiser where she took song requests. She did an amazing cover of the song I requested:

My family and RV made an appearance in an amazing cover of Don’t Worry be Happy:

I listened to a good amount of Abraham, and have a lot more to listen to. My sister shared this nice clip with me:

I started making music again. I got Logic Pro X instead of buying Ableton 10, since my Ableton 9 no longer worked on Mac. I’ve been recording demos/sketches of tracks. My goal has been to output a higher volume, and not focus on perfecting each track. That can come down the road after more time spent outputting. This was the first track I saved, without adding any mastering.

My second track, which I added some mastering to (it’s a lot louder) is in the Synthwave genre.

My third track is experimental, and was inspired by Let’s Live for Today by The Grass Roots. It’s in the same key and bpm.

My audio interface arrived today, which allows me to plug in my guitars, bass, and synthesizer. I’m looking forward to adding those to my jam sessions.

Double rainbow
Double Rainbow

I’ve had more time to read. Some of my favorites during the last few months have been:

I enjoyed the new Amazon Sci-Fi Comedy Upload. The Mindy Project brought a lot of laughs. I watched some of the later episodes of The Office, and this quick joke from Kevin had me smiling for a couple weeks.

Kevin from The Office holding up a white board
Ray Charles famously had this state on his mind. What is its capital?

Out With The Old

We took down the custom theme I built for my wife’s WordPress site, and moved her over to the Jupiter X theme instead. This has been great because it gives her complete customization of her site with a front end editor, instead of her relying on me to make changes to the custom theme I had built.

I helped a friend set up their upcoming business website on Squarespace instead of building a custom WordPress theme for her. I learned from my wife’s website how much customization was needed after launch. Squarespace was going to be a better option for my friend so she could easily edit her site after launch without my assistance.

I was paying to host two of my portfolio projects on GoDaddy and DigitalOcean. Since I was able to roll code to production, it was a good time to stop paying for those to be live. Now I am just hosting the project write up pages and linking to the Github code.

The combination of these projects being completed has felt like freeing up space to make room for the new.

Planting The Seeds

Before my Dad’s surgery in February, he helped me plant a food garden in my backyard. After a few weeks we started eating kale and lettuce salads. The celery is still in progress.

Home vegetable garden
Green pepper on a tree
Cute little pepper

On a symbolic note of planting seeds and reaping: a year after my first Stack Overflow replies, I finally got my first upvotes. I had forgotten about answering those questions. It is good to see that my answers are still helping people.


While many people are in very difficult circumstances, my family and I have been doing well. I am grateful.