GoFundMe Help Center

With millions of people using GoFundMe each month, having a way for those people to quickly and easily find answers to their questions is crucial. I redesigned and coded GoFundMe’s Help Center with the goals of increasing self service and updating the design to match the brand’s new design style.

When the project started I gathered a list of goals and requirements from the head of the support department. I created mockups for all of the pages and worked with the design team towards the end of the project to make final tweaks to the design and icons. I collaborated with the content team to restructure the content, purge old content, and make sure all content was up to date and correctly translated into other languages. When the project was wrapping up, I worked with the business analyst to ensure they had the needed tracking in place. This tracking has allowed the team to make improvements since launch.

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GoFundMe Help Center Homepage

With over half the traffic coming from mobile, the site had to look great on all types of devices.

Mobile and Desktop screens

Category Page Desktop

Category Page Mobile

Article Page Desktop

Article Page Mobile

Search Page Desktop

Search Page Mobile

And with visitors from all over the world, the site was translated into 8 different languages.

Article Page Desktop German

Category Page Mobile French