Corgi Adoption

I made this project using React and the Petfinder API. The API has all sorts of animals and breeds, but I chose to narrow the results to only Welsh Corgis. After entering a US zip code, corgis available for adoption show 5 at a time. If there are more than 5 results, there is a button at the bottom to show more. All of the data is formatted conditionally depeding on what is available for each corgi, including age, gender, breed mix, special attributes, location, email of the shelter, phone number of the shelter, and a text bio. There are error messages for entering an invalid zip code and if there are no corgis in the zip code.

This project is no longer functional online due to the deprecation of the Petfinder API v1.0 that was used to create it, and the implementation of Cross-Origin Read Blocking after creation.


Corgi Adoption two pets shown

One full pet info

Mobile single pet

First kind of error

Second kind of error