Making Little Changes

This month I was inspired to learn more about financial freedom. I read The Millionaire Mind and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, watched the documentary Playing With Fire, and watched a bunch of YouTube videos (including this one with JL Collins). This was on the heels of going through The Complete Personal Finance Course on Udemy.

This led to a few small short term wins. First, I switched from Nespresso coffee to regular drip coffee. $1 or more for a Nespresso cup of coffee adds up over time when drip coffee is so much cheaper. This month, I’ll be donating the Nespresso machine as well. We also didn’t eat out for a month (and by that I mean picking up food or getting it delivered). We had already ramped down our restaurant expenses to about once per week over the last few months, so going down to zero wasn’t too hard. Except for Indian food, which I still need to learn how to Instant Pot myself.

Today I ended our Netflix subscription in favor of Gaia instead. I enjoyed Transcendence Season 1.

Unrelated to finance, I finally pulled the trigger and permanently deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I hadn’t been using either of them for over a year, and I was ready to not have their existence linger in my mind. I didn’t want my Facebook to be an inbox for people to message me when I had no intention of responding or using it. I don’t understand why people like Instagram so much. It seems like a massive waste of time to be viewing all your friends and acquaintances photos, and waiting for people to like your photos. There are other social media sites that are better suited for me and my lower usage of them (Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub).