Looker JOIN 2019 Conference

Looker JOIN 2019 main stage

This week I attended Looker’s JOIN conference. I learned a lot about how other companies have built their data pipelines and their unique use cases for Looker, beyond simply using it as a BI tool.

Looker revealed the new features that will be included in Looker 7, and I’m excited to start digging into using their API and SDKs. They are really elevating the product with this release.

One data takeaway I had was to put data in front of people where they are already doing work and communicating. These can be simple data points sent to the right groups in the Slack channels they’re already using to spark conversation. Since these people are the closest to the business in those areas the data is meaningful to them and they can use it to make decisions.

On the business side, Looker’s founder and CTO Lloyd Tabb was asked in the morning keynote what he thinks are the next big things 5 and 10 years down the road. His response was that he’d like to reframe the question. Instead of asking what’s next 5 years ahead, ask instead: What’s ready now? What’s ripe?