H2 Goal: Half Marathon

The start of the second half of the year is a great time to reassess your goals and set new ones. My goal is to run my first half marathon by the end of the year.

I thought I would never like running but have grown to enjoy it over the past year. What I’ve learned to love about running is that you see progress over time. If you consistently train over time, you get better.

Last autumn I was slowly ramping up my running when I started to feel a shooting pain on the outside of my right knee. After seeing a doctor, they determined I needed physical therapy for my IT band. After a few sessions over two and a half months, I was able to start easing my way back into running.

During the spring I achieved new running milestones. At the end of May I ran my first ever 5K, which had been a life goal.

Treadmill showing 3.31 miles

Since then I’ve done many more 5K runs, and my personal record is completing it in 30 minutes.

The farthest I’ve run now is 5 miles.

Seeing my progress over the last 6 months, especially during the last month and a half, makes me confident that I can run a half marathon by the end of the year. I’ll need to ease into it because I’m still building strength in my right leg. There are times when I have to walk because my leg is acting up. But by putting in miles each week I will get stronger and be able to run the half.

That’s the goal for now, and I would not be surprised if my goal in 2020 is a full marathon.