Everything Is Prioritization

Life is full of tradeoffs. In economics they call it opportunity cost. Every choice means you’ve denied all other options. By choosing to… Read more

Writing > Reading

Books are a special medium. No one cares how many podcasts you listen to in a year or how many documentaries you watch…. Read more

Making Little Changes

This month I was inspired to learn more about financial freedom. I read The Millionaire Mind and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, watched… Read more

Yak Shaving

This week I learned about Yak Shaving. Seth Godin describes it in his blog post as “the last step of a series of… Read more

Terminal Timer

I wanted a simple timer on my computer to help me focus during the work day. The goal was to be able to… Read more

May/June 2020 Video List

Over the last two months I’ve gotten to work on some exciting coding projects at work. Outside of work I’ve been between projects…. Read more

Just Keep Doing It

I love the Stranger Things soundtrack. I enjoyed hearing Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein share their insight on how the music for the… Read more

Linus Torvalds

It’s funny how you can learn something multiple times and not think much of it, and then later it can blow your mind…. Read more

Thoughts During Corona

Working Remote I am grateful that my wife and I have remote work. I’ve been working remote for nine weeks and have enjoyed… Read more

Top Daily Tweets Google Apps Script Email

The idea: I found myself compulsively checking Twitter on my phone at random times during the day. I wanted to check it less… Read more